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Welcome to www.2Brains.org

2Brains is a small, independant game developer group located in Berlin Germany. We try to do our best to create small but really funny games. It is a honor to see people playing our games and have a lot of fun doing so. In the near future we also like to provide you a set of game programming tutorials including the basics of game development and graphics design.

have a lot of fun...

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OGCOpen. The Online Golf Challenge

Heading for a nice free online golf game?

After 2 years of development we are proud to present our multiplayer online golf game. Do you have some minutes to waste? And do you like online challenges? Have a look at http://www.ogcopen.com we release a pretty cool 3D Golf game which is not only free, but also multiplayer, has a nice world ranking list and is playable without any real download. Actually we are using flash, means it run completely in your browser.


  • play for free, no sign-up needed
  • awesome 3d graphics
  • no download AND no software
  • running directly in your browser




2Brains latest project - Diamond Master - Version 1.00








- Battleships 3D - latest Version 1.11







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